Year of sporting success and more to come

This year has seen the greatest sporting events the country has ever staged and there are some more to come in the future. These events bring great benefit to the UK and help drive the economy via the investment that comes with them. All suppliers who have contributed should feel proud to have done so as these big events showcase the best of the UK.

At Displayways we are proud to play a small part in providing graphic display for some of the sporting events via agencies and sponsors. There are thousands of suppliers that have benefitted from these events and will do so again when we stage others in the future such as the Commonwealth Games in a few years time and the Ryder Cup every two years. Visual Branding, printed graphics and signage play a key part in any major sporting event as the visual dressing brings everything to life.

We at Displayways hope to be able to continue to contribute and support the Government in its efforts to win and stage other major events both sporting and cultural in the future.

"Combining, static imagery, moving imagery, unusual lighting and interesting physical structures has created one of the most striking displays I have ever seen.

It was great to be involved in such an innovative project."

Peter Sheldrick, Director of Displayways