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Year of sporting success and more to come

This year has seen the greatest sporting events the country has ever staged and there are some more to come in the future. These events bring great benefit to the UK and help drive the economy via the investment that comes with them. All suppliers who have contributed should feel proud to have done so as these big events showcase the best of the UK.

Displayways embraces new investors.

Displayways Ltd owner Wendy Richards today, 9th July 2012, announces the sale of 100% of the share capital for an undisclosed sum to new investors Rob Kelly and Peter Sheldrick.

New print technique developed for major fashion brand

Displayways has recently been involved in the production of large format image displays for use in various Prada stores. When it comes to high quality fashion Prada is an undoubted leader and as such require the very best quality image production solutions and installation.

Titanic adventure in Southampton

Based at the heart of Southampton, Sea City Museum tells the story of the people of the city, their fascinating lives and historic connections with Titanic and the sea.

"Combining, static imagery, moving imagery, unusual lighting and interesting physical structures has created one of the most striking displays I have ever seen.

It was great to be involved in such an innovative project."

Peter Sheldrick, Director of Displayways